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The Daghda Synergy Amatsu Orthopath Training Programme is the only Amatsu training programme globally which offers the full Amatsu syllabus with 4 levels and direct tuition from Dennis Bartram. This is the only training Amatsu programme that leads to the recognised licenced qualification of Amatsu Orthopath.

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Study of Healing, Peace, And Wellness.

The pursuit of the best configuration of factors to provide the most pure and true representation of Amatsu and the delivery of such through a course has been and remains the passionate objective of Daghda Synergy.

The expectation of the highest standard, a standard not yet available in any other course in Ireland is our primary objective. As such Daghda Synergy has a collaboration of individual teachers who come together to propagate this level.

The Daghda Synergy has David McCarthy and Sean Beakey at the helm with guest presentations from Dennis Bartram the western father of Amatsu.

Thankfully you and Amatsu as a therapy will be the beneficiary of this.

Daghda Synergy Amatsu Training Course Dublin

Amatsu Course Stages

ANMA – Stage 1

Anma is the first year of study for an Amatsu therapy qualification and it can be interpreted as the ‘massage’ level as it encompasses the application of natural movement principles on soft tissue structures, with the primary focus being on… Read more

SEITAI – Stage 2

The Seitai level of study incorporates the same principles and fundamentals as Anma but with the technique application now primarily focused on the ligamentous system. Ligaments act as a support and movement suspension system for the stability of… Read more

SHINDEN – Stage 3

The focus of study in Shinden (the heart feeling in Amatsu treatments) is to alter the pulls in the fascial tissues that surround and support our vital organs. Many organs are held in position by a negative suction reinforced by a tough tissue called fascia. Read more

KENKU – Stage 4

The head (cranium) is the governing centre for many of the body’s vital systems such as respiratory and breathing, blood pressure, blood sugar, digestion, hormones. In addition, amazingly around 90 per cent of the nervous system is… Read more

The Amatsu Training People Trust

Lynda Johnson

ANMA – Stage 1

Having almost completed my first year I can wholeheartedly say that this course of study is enriching on so many levels.

Barry O’Connor

SEITAI – Stage 2

From my very first conversation I felt that there was a great passion both for me entering into Amatsu and my training.

Joanna Higgins

KENKU – Stage 4

This was an excellent Amatsu therapy course. The trainers were both helpful and had an absolute wealth of Amatsu knowledge.

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